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Flyer & Leaflet Printing

If it’s time to get more targeted, why not discover new ways to engage and try our explorer our flyers and leaflets options? It has the ability to precisely target your market effectively and with innovative results. With immij all you are limited to is your imagination.

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Areas of Specialised Printing:

  • Seasonal promotions
  • Information packs
  • Price lists
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Sales Offers

  • Gallery

    Account Management

    In a world where diversification and agility are key, Immij is your answer to bespoke marketing offering you a tailored strategy to suit your needs.

    Imagine partnering with a supplier who’s entirely focused on making you look good. A partner who does all the worrying for you. Imagine the peace of mind.

    Immij® full service

    Printing, Warehousing, and Distribution

    01   Printing

    With all services under the one roof, we’re all about making your printing and marketing world seamless.

    Integrated directly with our digital resources and pressroom, our proprietary technology immij online can transform your marketing communication workflow. Putting the power of print management at your command, including variable print-on-demand direct marketing,

    Marketers have raised their expectation of digital print quality and turn-time. With immij, life just got easier on both fronts! Let us show you opportunities to save time, dollars, and resources by implementing our digital print and print management virtual workflows inside your organisation.

    Immij offers an oasis of information that feeds everything you need to know about your stored products.

    You will have a central repository of intel enabling you to challenge how your jobs should be managed in the future, as well as access to a sophisticated reporting hub that’s so intuitive, it almost makes the decisions for you.

    • Management Reporting
    • Inventory Management
    • Version Control

    02   Warehousing

    03   Distribution

    To make life easy, information that feeds everything you need to know about your stored products.

    Now with the superior reporting technology at your fingertips, you can analyse your slow moving stock and be armed with a range of options for the future. You can also alter your ordering techniques, and your approval processes plus so much more.

    Pave the way for stronger connections with your customers

    With the right materials from Immij, you can pave the way for stronger connections with your customers, one valuable visual at a time. Here at Immij, we have the skills and insights required to break through the noise of the cluttered marketing world and deliver the messages that matter most to your audience.

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