Our Services

With all services under the one roof, we’re all about making your printing and marketing world seamless.

Digital Printing

The digital revolution is pushing print solutions to new heights. Ask about our targeted marketing and be inspired by the possibilities and the speed.

Direct Mail

If it’s time to get more targeted, direct mail is proven, it has the ability to precisely target your market, acquire new customers.


Fulfilment Services

Immij’s real-time inventory management system keeps your marketing assets in order and at your fingertips with all services under the one roof.


Integrated Technology

We have broken the rules and re-wrote the book with our custom integrated technology solutions. Providing you with an oasis of information.


Wide Format Printing

Wide Format, in all their grandeur, delivers on that moment of halting passers-by to pause and take a second glance at the dramatic visuals.

Lenticular Printing

With Immij specialty printing, your prints do not have to stay on the substrate. Lenticular printing gives the illusion of movement, depth or transformation.

Membership and Loyalty Printing

For the ultimate membership and loyalty printing, head direct to the leaders in the field – immij. We specialise in large and complex jobs, with multiple locations.

Offset Printing

Our offset print technology features an array of UV and conventional printing presses delivering vibrant color onto a spectrum of papers and other substrates.

UV Printing

The human eye enjoys stimulation. And immij® is only too happy to oblige, with the endless range of special effects achievable through UV Print and UV Coating.