Case STudies

An Australian Motor Company

An international, innovative Korean automotive company with a national dealer and service centre network with large and growing diverse customer base.

Key Achievements

  • Reduced marketing administration by 37% in the first year
  • Dramatically reduced “time to market“to deploy time-sensitive campaigns
  • Automated the process of service campaigns that enabled the client to deploy service campaigns directly from their desktop
  • Provided online personalisations tools to enable Hyundai to customise to each dealership’s specific client base for a capped price, special offer, and mileage servicing.  
  • Provided templated pricing structures for print and mailing services that enabled the client to accurately budget ongoing campaigns   


Following the company’s rapid growth across their vehicle range, there was a high degree of inefficiency in the process for sending out service reminders nationally.  Customer data for weekly Service Reminders and Marketing Campaigns was managed in a cumbersome way with spreadsheets being emailed for processing and data cleansing then combining with the campaign artwork and the mail preparation.  The process required back and forth between the client and provider with questions, amendments and a manual checking process that added unnecessary delays and compromised deadlines for each project. The manual process also created risk in the management of confidential data in the file transferring process between themselves and the provider.


Immij undertook a review of the manual workflow process steps, the number, and types of campaigns and specific data management requirements regarding confidentiality, privacy, and storage.  Through our expertise and the information we gathered we set about devising an automated and streamlined workflow which incorporated major cost and organisational savings, effective campaign planning process and robust and secure data security and management.


Immij developed an online portal for a web to print solution that reconfigured the workflow and approval process and at the same time implemented best practice for data management, privacy and security. The portal eliminated all manual workflows and enabled the client to upload data directly at their desktop and to instantly review, amend or approve a campaign. The portal provides a marketing tool to strategically utilise the data across multiple channels and devices providing the client with options to better inform and communicate with customers also resulting in the significantly improved tracking of campaign outcomes.

Immij have taken a manual, cumbersome and time-consuming process of managing Weekly Service Reminders with confidential customer data to on online marketing solution that is effective, quick and simple to manage.

The online solution enables us to upload confidential data directly into pre-approved campaign templates and then manage and approve campaigns strategically across the DM channel.

I would be more than happy to discuss any aspect of our partnership with Immij”

Customer Relationship Marketing Manager.

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