Financial Printing Tips Every Agency Should Read

Getting the word out about your financial business to potential clients can be a difficult marketing task. You are trying to send a message about a service offering that hinges on a fair amount of trust, which is hard to do. As a business in the finance sector, you need your marketing media to not only capture the attention of the right audience but convince them they can trust your organisation. Investing into high-quality printed materials, from leaflets, to booklets and direct mail marketing, shows your audience that you’re a legitimate, trustworthy business.

#1 -Build Trust with Case Studies and Testimonials

When finance agencies attempt to advertise their services online, they’re competing against a huge range of factors. There are countless other organisations active on their own websites and social media profiles. At the same time, you are also trying to get attention in a space where people have been taken advantage of. Print materials with customers reviews and case studies of your business are a great way to build your market credibility, this is particularly relevant for new and start up financial businesses.

#2 – Save money by targeting specific locations

With a print marketing campaign, you can target a specific local audience, and give them a lasting memory of your organisation. You can choose to send leaflets out in the mail to local residents, or you can branch further afield. Print marketing also gives you a way to explore new printing techniques that allow you to engage your customers in a more immersive way. For instance, you could try lenticular or 3D printing to catch someone’s eye. Because people can physically interact with printed material, it often stays in their mind for longer.

3# – Conduct Regular Quality Control Audits

Regardless of where your mailing list was derived, it needs to be quality controlled. To do this, be absolutely sure you’re tracking all of your inbound leads, making sure to take note of the calls or emails from leads that were sourced from your print marketing efforts. Then, compare the value and quantity of your leads with other lists to determine which performs better.

#4- Take Action with the Objection of Building Trust

While print marketing and advertising might not be the most modern solution for connecting with your audience, it’s still one of the most effective. Studies show that consumers generally trust print advertising more than other mediums. The point of a well-designed pamphlet, mailer, or print advertisement is to efficiently get the attention of a potential customer and drive them to take action like calling or emailing for more information.

#5 – Keep it Simple and Friendly

When you use too many busy graphics in print material, it can take away from the message you’re trying to send. Also, when it comes to print marketing there is a time and a place for hard selling, and this is not it. When designing your financial print marketing material, steer clear from strong, aggressive calls to action, like ‘act now!’ messages and the like. They can intimidate and turn off potential customers.

#6 – Seek Help from the Industry Experts

By integrating these three tips, you’ll be able to begin seeing more success from your financial agency print marketing campaigns. For more ideas about how Immij can help with this effort, call us today on 1300 794 139 or email us.