The Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Aged Care Facility Using Print and Direct Mail Media

Getting the word out about your aged care facility to potential residents and their families can be a difficult marketing task. Firstly, you are trying to send a message about a service offering that hinges on a fair amount of trust, which is hard to do if your only tools are print or Direct Mail media.

Secondly, you’re communicating a lot of information into a fairly small space. There may be many reasons why your aged care facility stands out from other facilities in the area that serve a similar demographic, so your challenges are manifold. However, utilising print and direct mail materials to boost inbound leads can be done, and done well.

In this post, Immij is presenting the top five ways to promote your age care facility using print and digital media. Implementing these five techniques will help you to get the most out of your promotional material investment, so that you can begin realising a return sooner than later.

#1 – Draft multiple Direct Mail designs using multiple layouts and colour schemes, then collaboratively decide on the best among them.

This may seem obvious, but you may be surprised to learn how many aged care facilities don’t do a thorough review of all of their print material design ideas. As proficient as your marketing or graphic design team may be, it always helps to get fresh perspectives from others in your organisation, so that the final decision is one that everyone can agree on.

#2 – Ask your current residents what they love best, and highlight their quotes in your material.

Nothing builds trust more than fantastic resident reviews of your facility. When potential residents see others who are currently enjoying living at your location, they’ll be much more interested in learning more.

#3 – Limit the use of complicated graphical elements.

The point of a well-designed pamphlet, mailer, or print advertisement is to efficiently get the attention of a potential customer and drive them to take action like calling or emailing for more information. When you use too many busy graphics in print material, it can take away from the message you’re trying to send.

#4 – Split-test your distribution lists.

Regardless of where your mailing list was derived, it needs to be quality controlled. To do this, be absolutely sure you’re tracking all of your inbound leads, making sure to take note of the calls or emails from leads that were sourced from your print marketing efforts. Then, compare the value and quantity of your leads with other lists to determine which performs better.

#5 – Never use a hard close or aggressive call-to-action.

There is a time and a place for hard selling, and this is not it. When designing your age care facility print material, steer clear from strong, aggressive calls to action, like ‘act now!’ messages and the like. They can intimidate and turn off many potential residents.

By integrating these five tips, you’ll be able to begin seeing more success from your Direct Mail and print marketing campaigns aimed at increasing residency for your age care facility. For more ideas about how Immij can help with this effort, call us today on 1300 794 139 or email us.