Everything You Need to Know about Aged Care Information Packs for Potential New Residents and Families

When a elderly or disabled person is looking for a new place to call home, their families also get involved. For many families in Australia, the search for a new home for the aged or elderly is a united effort, which means that the information packs you disburse should be appropriately designed and worded for their target audience.

There is a lot of trust riding on the decision that will eventually be made. Helping your organisation stand out from the rest should involve precision use of information packs that show your facilities in a positive light. In this article, we’re presenting you with everything you need to know about aged care information packs for potential residents and their families.

For Residents:

To tailor your message to residents, your information packs should have all of the detailed information related to daily life at your aged care center. Aspects of living as a resident of your community should include:

– Any scheduled care that may be available
– Public amenities, including pools, gyms, walking areas, and gathering spots
– Information related to security, if applicable
– Healthcare resources available for residents
– Information about the community as a whole (general demographics are useful, but there’s no need to get ultra specific).
– Any special events that are planned on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis
– Brief list of community organisations or special interest groups that meet on a regular basis

In addition to including the above, be sure to use graphics that aren’t too bold or colourful in appearance. The idea isn’t to impress the reader graphically – instead, the goal is to maintain their interest throughout reading the pamphlet. Light, subdued colors without too many sharp corners or lines work best.

Lastly, be liberal with your use of photography of your aged care facility, potential residents like getting a good representation of the grounds before deciding to visit for more information.

For Families

The messaging for families should vary only slightly from the messaging used for residents. It is quite possible to include both approaches in the same information pack. However, it is highly advised to use different pamphlets for different reader audiences. So, an ideal scenario would be having an information pack for new residents and a different information pack for families.

When designing your information pack for families, be sure to include a lot of imagery that shows groups enjoying themselves. Families of aged and elderly persons want to know that their loved one will be accepted and involved. Including graphics showing people enjoying themselves will help to communicate this.

Remember that families of aged and elderly persons may have many of the same questions that potential residents will, so don’t be afraid to mention the same facts in both pamphlets.

Tying It All Together

Making your information packet readable and attractive in its design can be achieved by incorporating these tips. After you’ve drafted your first information packet design, contact the print material professionals at Immij to discuss the next step forward into printing and distribution. We are your go-to resource for complete printed material solutions.

Give us a call today on 1300 794 139.

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