The Advantage of Using UV Printing Techniques

The Advantage of Using UV Printing Techniques

For many graphic designers, artists, and businesses in search of solutions for their visual brand, UV printing could be the future of commercial media. There are countless benefits to UV printing, from faster curing speeds to higher image quality, and absolute versatility in design.

While choosing UV printing for your promotional printing or packaging options can be more expensive than other solutions such as ink-jet, it’s also the ultimate way to demonstrate the professional nature of your business. Here are just some of the most obvious benefits that come with using a UV printer.

1. Flexibility for your Design Needs
UV printing is completely versatile because it allows you to transfer images onto any surface – regardless of how absorbent it might be. For instance, besides standard paper flyers and packaging, UV printers can also work with plastic, wood, and a host of other materials. In fact, you could even run an entire door through a printing machine.

Obviously, the flexibility of a UV printer translates into more options for promotional media in your branding campaign. Regardless of whether you’re looking for business signs or event marketing materials, you’re sure to get the solutions you need with a UV system.

2. Higher Image Quality

Unlike a standard ink-jet printer, an ultraviolet machine isn’t going to leave you with streaks on your paper, or blotchy pigments somewhere in the image. UV printing is clean, effective, and precise so that you get lifelike colours and pristine designs every time.

With the right printer, you can achieve high-gloss levels, unbelievable colours, and an array of coatings that ensure you maintain a fresh and finished look on every piece you create. This is because UV inks sit on top of the printing surface, rather than soaking into it.

3. Longevity

In the right circumstances, UV printed materials can also be more resistant to wear and scratching. Whereas standard prints might become faded or change colour after frequent exposure to the sun, that won’t happen with a UV printer. Many customers love the fact that the money they invest in a large promotional piece isn’t going to go to waste after a few months!
In fact, the durability of UV printing also contributes to another advantage: better cost-efficiency.

4. Faster Curing Speeds

Finally, if you have a large project to complete with a UV printing company, you don’t necessarily have to wait weeks for your order to be completed. This is because UV print work is dry from the moment it comes off the press. The team at Immij won’t have to wait for the ink to dry before they can do proofs, and you don’t have to worry about ghosts of images appearing on the page above. UV printing is faster for clients, and therefore more efficient when you need to roll out a new campaign or selection of promotional materials.

UV printing becomes more popular by the day. If you haven’t considered this digital revolution for your next printing task, now might be the time to start!

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