Why Your Business Needs Printed Service Reminders

Why Your Business Needs Printed Service Reminders

Does your business run as smoothly as it should? Are your customers turning up for each of their appointments on time, or do you find yourself constantly struggling to play catch-up with your schedule?

No matter what kind of service you offer, it’s important to make sure that you have a system in place that reminds clients of their appointments and encourages them to contact you if they can’t arrive on time. Printed service reminders can be the simple and cost-effective way to make sure that your customers know exactly when you expect them, reducing the risk of disappointments for both your clients and your company.

1. Minimise No-Shows

Customers don’t miss their appointments for fun. They arrange to visit your company for a reason, and when an appointment is missed, it can be just as much of a problem for your client as it is for you. The most common reason that people miss appointments, is that they simply forget where they’re supposed to be and when. After all, we all have hectic schedules these days.

A printed service reminder service could ensure that your customer has a physical reminder of their appointment that they can tack onto their refrigerator or keep in their purse. This is generally more effective than an email or text that can be easily deleted or sent straight to the “junk” folder.

2. Reduce Your Waiting Lists

It’s incredibly frustrating for a business to place clients on a waiting list and risk losing their custom because their schedule appears to be full, only to find that half of their customers never turn up to their appointments.

Printed service reminders can provide your clients with the notice and information they need to cancel and reschedule their appointments when necessary. This means that you can move other clients off your waiting list and reduce the risk that they’ll go to a competitor instead of you!

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Getting in touch with busy clients can be a complex experience. In a world where customers are sick of being plagued by messages from companies, email inboxes are often set to immediately send automated responses to the junk or spam folder, meaning that your clients never see your messages – no matter how hard you try.

By sending out printed service reminders, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to connect with your clients effectively, and cheaply too! People are more likely to open a letter than an email because physical mail doesn’t come with as many threats as it’s digital cousin.

Save Money with Printed Service Reminders

Ultimately, printed service reminders help you to streamline business performance, reduce your risk of no-shows, and keep your customers happy. All these things have a direct impact on your bottom line and give you the chance to make the most out of your time!

Although paying for a professional team to print your reminders for you does cost money, each missed appointment is often a lot more expensive, and a low no-show rate could mean that your reminder system quickly pays for itself.

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