3 Tips for Better Custom Packaging Solutions

3 Tips for Better Custom Packaging Solutions

You know that custom packaging is a great way to showcase the unique side of your brand, but how do you design something that’s going to capture the hearts and minds of your audience? A great plan is usually the key to success in most business strategies. If you want your packaging to stand out from the crowd, then you’ll need to weigh the costs and benefits associated with different printing methods and make a few critical decisions about what you want to create.

To help you start your journey with bespoke, printed materials, here are just a few tips from the experts on how to enhance your personalised packaging.

1. You Get What You Pay For 

In the competitive business world, sometimes paying a little extra for the perfect product can be a good idea. If you use rigid materials to print on, or your colours are dull and boring, then they won’t catch the eye of your intended customer.
A good way to get an extra “pop” with your design is to print on foil instead of paper, this will deliver a metallic effect, and increase the chances that your customer will look twice at what you have to say. With today’s digital printing methods, it’s much easier to create stunning visuals on a range of materials, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting your image to really stand out.

2. The Printing Method Matters

There are different types of printing out there, and the one you choose will have a huge impact on the quality of your results. For instance, flexographic printing is the most common option for custom packaging. It’s great for plain text and images without a great deal of colour, but it won’t deliver the detailed graphics you need to impress your customers.
On the other hand, litho-lamination, or offset printing is a great way to get the absolute best image possible for your packaging or promotional materials. While it might be more expensive, it’s perfectly designed for detailed, high-res images, and it gives you extra flexibility with detail, design, and colour.

3. Choose Your Materials Carefully

Finally, when selecting the perfect packaging choice, remember that materials you use will also have an impact on your finished product. Before you select a specific material, think about the purpose your packaging has. Are you looking for packaging for a retail display that’s going to be more about visual impression than durability, or do you need something that protects your item during shipping?

Sometimes, less is more, and other times “less” simply isn’t enough. Think about the needs of both your product, and your audience, and consider assessing some of the competitors in your marketplace if you’re having trouble deciding which packaging option is right for you.

Choosing the Correct Packaging

Your packaging choices are an important part of what makes your visual brand so appealing. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect packaging strategy. Make sure that you choose the right elements for your organisation, and you’ll be able to ensure that you’re more than just a one-glance wonder.

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