Top 10 Reasons for Magazine Printing

Top 10 Reasons for Magazine Printing

1. Australia is a leader Australia is one of the leading magazine countries in the world, with a magazine reading population of 7 in 10. That’s 6.4 million men and 7.4 million women reading magazines every year (Roy Morgan 2012, FIPP World Trends). That means Australia has one of the highest rates per capital of consumer magazines.

2. Web drivers The Media Consumption Study, 2012, saw magazines as the strongest drivers to advertiser’s websites above other media channels. 63% of consumers visited a website mentioned in a magazine and 55% visited a magazine advertiser’s website seen in a magazine.

3. Highly influential Over 1 in 4 consumers have purchased a product in the last six months as a result of a magazine advertisement. Magazines increase purchase intent in consumers 5 times more than television or internet when looking at single mediums (MPA, 2014)

4. Credible and edible Magazines are viewed as a credible reference by consumers of which 84% agree that home magazines cover a wide range of subject matter and 62% agree magazines expose them to food trends they wouldn’t otherwise see (How we live 2, The Seed Research, 2011).

5. Skip along the path to purchase Bridging technologies such as augmented reality or QR codes make it simple for consumers to move from print to digital and back, magazines engage readers in physical and digital mediums.

6. Brands are now publishers Consumers are now communicating more than ever before via social media and digital channels – they are talking about brands and expecting the brands they like to do more than simply advertise. Managing these conversations without a foundation point creates enormous resource and response pressure on brands. Brand magazines allow brands to own the conversation and content, using magazines as a platform to communicate detailed messages.

7. Friends by association Each magazine title is a specialist in some way, reaching a specific demographic or interest group that can allow brands to leverage and align their brand messages to the magazine title. Luxury fashion magazines feature luxury fashion advertisements, food magazines feature household products and more delivering strong brand dialogue with customers.

8. Complexity Magazines provide space and time to explore complex brand and marketing messages. Reading magazines requires time and concentration that loyal magazine readers invest in, providing an opportunity for a lengthy conversation to explain all the benefits of your product and/or services

9. We love ‘em Australians love magazines, spending over $790 million each year on the 161 consumer magazines available in Australia, consumers purchase 150 million magazines each year. That is, five copies sold every second (MPA, 2013).

10.Save your pennies Research shows that awareness raised by magazines and television is roughly the same, but given the cost of advertising in magazines is lower, magazines deliver a stronger ROI, 130%, with a result of making magazines higher than other channels. (Gfk,2012)

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