4 Ways to Personalise Customer Service with Print

4 Ways to Personalise Customer Service with Print

Customer service is currently one of the most important ways to differentiate your business.

A study by Bain & Company found that organisations capable of delivering better customer experience earn revenues up to 8% better than their competitors. In other words, the experiences you give to your target customer can make or break your company.

One of the best ways to improve customer experience in the modern age is to give your people a more personalised experience. After all, no client wants to feel like just another number on a brand’s revenue projection. Here are just some of the ways that you can deliver more memorable moments to your customers through print.

1.     Use Their Names

The simplest way to personalise your marketing and customer service campaigns is to use your client’s name. Rather than just sending them a direct mail advertisement that says “dear valued customer,” make sure that you gather enough information from your loyal customers to give them a more intimate experience.

These days, there are plenty of tools online that you can use to gather useful details that supplement your direct mail marketing campaigns. For instance, you can offer your clients a free product or voucher code when they sign up to a weekly subscription to your newsletter, then use their name every time you send them a new message.

2.     Learn Their Preferences

There are many different types of printing that companies can use to capture their audience’s attention today. However, certain members of your target audience might prefer some printing methods to others. For instance, while your younger audience might love a 3D print-out included with their monthly statement, older customers or those with poor vision might find the image difficult to process.

Get to know your target audience and consider segmenting your customer service strategy according to the preferences of each group. That way, the printed assets you send to your customers are more likely to be well-received.

3.     Give Them Options

Speaking of adhering to the preferences of your target audience, why not give them a choice as to the kind of printed materials they want to see? For instance, if you’re running an energy supply company, then your customers might want to “opt-in” to regular statements that show their electricity usage, but opt-out of regular newsletters delivered to their door.

You can also give your customers the option to ask for specific changes to printed materials based on their unique needs, for instance:

  • Can you include brail print-outs for blind customers?
  • Can you change your colour strategy for colour-blind clients?
  • Can you print in a larger font for those with poor vision?

4.     Reward Their Loyalty

One of the best ways to personalise customer service with your prints, and show your customers that you value their patronage, is to set up a loyalty scheme. Give your customers a chance to earn something back when they spend with you, by printing cards that they can use to collect stamps when they make a purchase.

Alternatively, your membership cards could give your most dedicated patrons money off their orders when they visit a local brick-and-mortar version of your store. Membership cards make your customers feel extra-special, which means that they’re more likely to appreciate and advocate for your brand.

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