Everything You Need to Know about Printing Services

Everything You Need to Know about Printing Services

Your printed materials are a valuable part of your promotional strategy.

For vivid, high-quality images, packaging and marketing materials, you need the support of a professional printing services team. However, if you’ve never worked with printing pros before, it can be difficult to know what you need to look for in your local marketplace.

As a national printing communications business, Immij is here to help companies across Australia to find the printing services that are best-suited to their needs.

We’ve put together this quick guide to make sure that you can make an informed decision about your printing strategy.

Are There Different Types of Printing?

Before you can choose the right printing service for your organisation, you need to know what kind of printing you need. Most organisations don’t realise that there are many different types of printing to choose from. For instance, you might need:

  • Digital printing: A high-quality and low-cost strategy for printing bulk materials like direct marketing solutions and leaflets.
  • UV printing: An intriguing printing strategy that allows your print company to achieve an endless selection of special effects with vivid, high-impact images.
  • Lenticular printing: Unique printing services that use special materials to make your visuals jump off the page with 3D and motion effects.
  • Offset printing: The ideal choice when large quantities of visual assets are needed fast – offset printing allows for crisp colour reproduction and stunning images, without a high price tag.

Once you know the many different types of printing services available, you’ll be better equipped to choose the team that can help you to achieve the visual effects you’ve been looking for.

Does Experience Count in Printing Services?

Many new and growing companies make the mistake of thinking that experience isn’t crucial when they’re choosing the right printing services. However, it’s worth noting that professional printing isn’t the same as simply pressing a button on your computer back home. You need expert support to make sure that your images print correctly every time. After all, a blurry or misaligned image can harm your reputation, and your chances at conversion.

When you’re searching for the ultimate printing services, it’s essential to choose a team that can guide you through the process thanks to years of knowledge and experience. A professional team will:

  • Answer any questions you might have about printing design.
  • Help you choose the right printing strategy for your needs.
  • Double-check measurements and requirements to avoid any expensive mistakes
  • Thoroughly examine your printed materials to make sure they meet the highest standards

Having an expert on the team for your printing services will help to ensure the best outcome for your project, which saves you time and money in the long run.

Can Printing Be Environmentally Friendly?

In today’s ever-evolving world, it’s important to make sure that you protect your brand’s reputation, and appeal to a changing generation of customers. For most companies, this means making sure that they invest in printing services that are both effective, and good for the planet. Fortunately, printed materials don’t have to be all about chemicals and waste.

Forward-thinking printing companies like Immij make sure that you can delight your customers and minimise your carbon footprint with printing solutions that are built on sustainability. With an environmentally-friendly printing company, you can rest assured that your assets will be both resilient and kind to the environment at the same time.

Will Your Printing Team Understand Your Vertical?

When you’re choosing a printing services team to guide you through the creative process, it’s important to find someone you can trust. To some extent, this means that you need to choose a printing team that’s punctual and reliable. This will ensure that they’re on-hand to answer any questions you might have along the way.

However, it also may be helpful to choose a printing company that has worked with similar organisations in your industry before. The more your team knows about your company and its requirements, the easier it will be for them to make suggestions that may help your materials to stand out. For instance, if you’re in the education industry, your printing team might suggest that you use lenticular printing to make your direct mail strategies pop. On the other hand, companies in the horticultural space will need labels that are weather-proof and resilient.

At Immij, we personally serve a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Agency
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • FMCG
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Non-Profit
  • Luxury
  • Horticultural

Can You Check the Quality of a Company’s Printing Services?

Finally, whenever you want to invest in a new solution like a printing service, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the high level of quality you deserve. Most printing services companies will be able to show you a history of their work via case studies and portfolios. If you can’t see any evidence that your chosen company can provide the printing services that you need, then it may be a good idea to look elsewhere. When you’re examining the potential of a printing company, remember to check for:

  • Evidence of success with different types of printing (lenticular, offset, )
  • Misaligned text or fonts that don’t stand out as they should
  • Smudging of ink
  • Mis-matched colours
  • Problems with double-printing

The right printing services company will be able to give you an excellent experience every time, whether you’re printing direct mail advertising solutions, or you’re investing in a new banner for an upcoming convention. They may even be able to offer suggestions that take your assets to the next level!

Are you ready to find the printing solutions that you need? Contact Immij today to discover what fantastic printing is all about.