Commercial Printing and Extreme Personalisation

Commercial Printing and Extreme Personalisation

Today’s consumers want more than just another copy-paste experience from their favourite brands. As the marketplace grows increasingly saturated, customers are searching for more personalisation from companies. The question is, how can your brand achieve that high level of personalisation without spending a fortune on printed media?

The simple answer is: work with a company like Immij. At Immij, our commercial printing services use the latest techniques and methodologies to ensure that you not only get the best images every time, but you also have the freedom to customise and change your prints where necessary.

The Rise of Personalisation in Digital Printing

As it becomes increasingly difficult for modern brands to make lasting connections with their target audience, personalisation has emerged as a valuable way for businesses to stay top-of-mind with customers. Not only does the right personalisation on a direct mail advertisement or piece of product packaging grab customer attention, but it can also promote your brand through word of mouth marketing too.

When people see a piece of marketing that seems tailor-made to them, they’re more likely to share that media with the world. Just look at the success of Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign a couple of years ago. By printing a selection of names onto their product labels, Coca-Cola achieved one of the most powerful marketing campaigns of all time.

Coca-Cola’s strategy was successful because it did something unique, and because it convinced customers to get involved with the brand’s marketing, by sharing pictures of their bottles on social media.

Finding Non-Traditional Ways to Connect with Customers

Thanks to affordable commercial printing services, it’s becoming easier for today’s brands to explore unique ways of connecting with their customers. Though solutions like digital printing have been around for decades, we’ve only recently begun to see their true impact in the packaging and labelling world.

In fact, if you want to see the impact of the right commercial printing, you need only look at the research. Mintel recently named Digital Evolution as one of the six global packaging trends facing the world today.

Currently, digital printing is one of the fastest-growing and most popular segments of the commercial printing world. The versatile, cost-efficiency, and precision of digital printing makes it the perfect option for businesses who want to use extreme personalisation in their campaigns. With a digital printing strategy, you can create numerous materials, all designed to target specific segments of your target audience. What’s more, the low costs of digital printing means that you can accomplish your goals without huge investments.

Other Options for Personalisation in Printing

While digital printing is a natural choice for companies exploring the impact of personalisation, there are other ways to make your campaigns stand out too. 3D or lenticular printing that grabs customer attention, or UV prints that work on any material are also great ways to differentiate your brand.

The key to making the most out of your affordable commercial printing services is making sure that you choose the solution most likely to enhance and empower your company image. Used correctly, a personalisation strategy can take your commercial materials to the next level. Just make sure that you have the right plan and the right printing partner in place.

To find out more about personalising your commercial printing campaigns, reach out to Immij today on 1300 794 139.

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