How to Get the Best Creative Print Solutions 

How to Get the Best Creative Print Solutions 

Whether you’re producing a direct mail advertising campaign, or you want to find the best strategy to make your products stand out on the shelves, you’ll need to consider your printing options. While your design choices and the kinds of materials you use will have an impact on how great your materials look, the best creative print solutions to accomplish your visual goals is with the right printing techniques.

At Immij, we pride ourselves on using some of the most affordable and unique creative print solutions. Here are just some of the options you’ll be able to choose from.

1. UV Printing 

UV printing uses ultraviolet light to dry ink as it lands on a surface. The printer pours ink onto the material (or substrate) as carefully-designed UV lights follow behind, drying the ink instantly and improving the overall appearance and durability of the image.

UV is a fantastic option for those seeking creative print solutions. The UV printing process was originally designed to help technicians’ dry manicures fast in gel nail salons, but the success of the technology meant that UV technology quickly expanded into the commercial and industrial markets too.

Because UV light can cure printed ink immediately, the wet ink on a substrate doesn’t have a chance to shift and spread, resulting in a much clearer image, with finer details. What’s more, a benefit of UV printing is that the inks are weather resistant, and perfect for branded materials that might need to hold up to conditions outdoors. You can even use it for direct mail campaigns to create leaflets that hold up to harsh weather.

2. Digital Printing 

Digital printing is becoming an increasingly popular option in creative printing solutions for everything from flexible packaging to labels, prototypes, and folding packages. The great thing about digital printing is that there are almost no tooling fees involved because specialist plates don’t need to be designed from scratch. Additionally, digital printing often comes with quick turn around times, and low minimum print requirements.

Digital printing is perfect for getting high-quality materials quickly. You can use it for:

• Banners, brochures, and leaflets
• Direct mail advertisements
• Promotional games
• Business cards and letterheads

3. Lenticular Printing

If you have an interest in the printing industry, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of “lenticular” printing before today. A lenticular print is a series of images, usually between two and five, that have been carefully interlaced to create a single final picture. Printed onto a film or plastic lens, lenticular images have small ridges that can accurately refract light in a way that provides depth or motion in an image when someone moves the picture.

Lenticular printing is an exciting way for companies to upgrade their printed promotional materials with something that’s sure to capture the eyes and attention of their target customer. This solution can provide fully vivid, photographic-quality images in a host of exciting effects that could potentially blow your client away!

Choosing the best Creative Print Solutions 

Ultimately, the best printing method for your packaging will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Make sure that you find a printing company who can offer the full range of creative printing solutions that appeal to you.

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