Why More and More People Choose UV Printing

Why More and More People Choose UV Printing

UV printing materials are an important part of advertising your business. Whether you’re creating brochures that showcase exactly what your company can do or you’re printing direct mail ads, you need an amazing printing process.

The perfect printing strategy is how you make sure that your company looks as professional as possible to your target audience. One of the most popular forms of printing to emerge in recent years is “UV Printing” or “UV Curing”. Here, we’re going to look at what UV printing actually is, and why it’s so beneficial to your business.

Creative Design with UV Printing

UV printing is a form of digital printing that creates stunning, high-impact images for your marketing and branding materials. Here at Immij, we offer UV printing solutions capable of producing a wide selection of special effects, available on a range of materials and surfaces.

Thanks to UV curing, which dries the ink on your materials in a unique way, and sets the picture in place, UV prints can perform well on everything from your direct mail ads, to your point of sale details and floor decals. Ultraviolet light “sets” the ink on your image and ensures that it can hold up to harsh conditions for longer. Additionally, because the ink doesn’t need to “soak into” the component to set, you have a wider range of materials to choose from. Building your creative design with UV printing offers the following benefits:

• Value: Because UV printing dries faster, your printing company can complete your work faster, which means you pay for less labour.

• Versatility: UV printing works on a wide range of materials that wouldn’t work with traditional printing options, because the ultraviolet light “sets” the ink, rather than waiting for it to soak in.

• High quality: UV printing also provides a more vibrant finish. Because the UV light means that the ink doesn’t have time to soak into the paper, you get more refined edges and stronger colours.

The Power of UV Curing

When used by a professional printing company, UV Curing can be a solution that not only increases production speed for your images, but also reduces reject rates, ensures superior image bonding, and enhances solvent or scratch resistance. Although many people consider UV curing to be a modern technique, the truth is that it was delivered into the printing industry back in the 1960s. However, only recently have companies been able to start adopting it on a large-scale basis.

In a world where companies need faster, more efficient printing solutions for their promotional campaigns, UV curing has become a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to grow by the year. In fact, it’s completely displaced solvent and water-based solutions for drying thanks to it’s better product quality, enhanced performance, and environmentally friendly nature.

Why Are More Companies Using UV Printing ?

As increasing numbers of companies continue to search for the perfect print quality when showing off their luxury products, or expanding brand awareness for their company, it’s no surprise that LED UV printing has emerged as the preferred option for many. LED UV printers simply deliver the most cost-efficient and effective methods of creating impeccable images for your company.

Ultraviolet light is used for curing today because it ensures that turnaround times are faster, and finished results are clearer, and less prone to mistakes. Want to explore the benefits of UV printing for yourself?

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