How to Create the Ultimate Brochure for Your Business

A well structured and quality printed brochure can make a huge difference to your businesses market campaign. So to get your business started on the right track today, we are going to go through our top 5 questions we ask every client when creating the ultimate brochures for their businesses.

Question 1# Who is Your Target Market?

A target market is the desired sector of the population that your business or services relate to. For some sectors this is more relevant than others, as some product or services are more specific to a niche, others fairly broad. Knowing who your target market is will alter the design, images and content of your brochure. For example:

● A gym might target young males
● A florist might target senior women
● A bed and breakfast might target middle age couples

The clearer your picture of who you are creating your brochure for, and what their problems are, the more likely they will pick it up, read it and act.

Question 2# What Is the Problem Your Business Solves?

Customers use a product or service because they have a problem that needs solving. To capture your audience’s attention your brochure needs to clearly address their problem and offer them a solution. 

Question 3# Where Will Your Brochure Be Seen and Used?

●  Is it for a one-time event, or to be used over an extended period?
● Will you be handed it out, mailed, put on a counter or shelf?

This is where you can adapt the design and materials to maximise your brochures effectiveness.

Question 4# How Will Should the Finish Brochure Look?

Researching and thinking carefully about your answers to the questions above will go a long way to providing the right answer this question.

Things you will need to finalise before printing your brochure include:

● Your cover
● Your message
● Your tones and colours 
● Your visuals

Question 5# What Action Do Customers Take After Reading the Brochure?

Some of the largest advertising failures around happened because someone just didn’t ask for an action. So be sure to tell people reading your brochure exactly what you want them to do:

● Call your business
● Email your business
● Book an appointment.

If you would like to find out more about creating the ultimate brochure for your business please give us a call on 1300 794 139 and one of our friendly sales team will be able to give you support and advice on your project.