How to Utilise Business Cards

How to Utilise Business Cards

You might have the perfect logo, company letterhead, and business stationery designs, but are you using them to their fullest advantage?

Think about the time it takes to conceive a brand, bring that brand to life with design and marketing efforts, and then move on to having physical promotional materials made – materials like business cards, marketing collateral, and product brochures. These crucial business tools are your chance for smart design and quality printing to sell your product or service for you, keeping your image professional and your message consistent.

With as much that goes into the creation of these tools, you want to make sure you’re maximize the return on your promotional material investment. Immij specialises in enhancing brands through eye-catching, informative promotional material that drives sales. But we can only go so far in producing the materials – it’s what you do with them that makes the difference.

Stand Out for More Sales

There are some best practices to keep in mind when utilising business cards and printed promotional material. Over the years, we have seen some pretty creative uses of otherwise ordinary materials for the purpose of leaving an extraordinary impression on clients, investors, or brand new contacts within your industry.

For optimal success in the utilisation of business cards and printed promotional material, keep these tips in mind:

Don’t be afraid to be repetitive. Getting noticed by prospects in your target market takes diligence. That means using printed materials in an iterative way, constantly driving home your brand message. Many marketing professionals claim that it takes a potential customer seeing your brand an average of seven times before they remember you. So, get printing!

When it comes to colour and design, break the rules. There are all kinds of interesting design trends particularly found in business cards, where asymmetry and abstract concepts are making waves. When the point is to be remembered, and all you have is a small piece of paperboard to accomplish the task, trash the rules and get creative.

Always be mindful of design consistency. When the design concepts used in your business card mimic those used on your website, company letterhead, and other printed materials, you have a higher chance of being recognized. More recognition means increased awareness of the products and services you provide, which, in turn, generates more sales.

If a printed material feature costs more, view this as ‘messaging insurance’. When you spend more on higher quality paper, better resolution graphics, glossier finishes, and other unique features, you’re invariably going to spend more. When you do this however, you’re adding insurance that your messaging will get where it needs to go – to your customers! So, go ahead and opt for the cardstock upgrade. Your bottom line will thank you!

Lastly, don’t forget that every single business card or promotional material design can be changed and tweaked for specific applications. Don’t think that you have to commit to one design for all of your printed materials; change it up and see what works best for you.

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In the world of print materials, there are lots of gimmicks that some vendors use to win your business. At Immij, we offer real value to our customers by working one-on-one with them to solve their individual needs for high-quality printed materials.

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