Why Clear Graphics and Images are Paramount to Your Printed Marketing Campaign

Why Clear Graphics and Images are Paramount to Your Printed Marketing Campaign

When you’re designing print marketing material, whether it’s for a trade show, a brand launch, or another purpose, you should have a clear goal for what your printed material will do for your organisation.

Will it be used to inform?
Will it be used to educate?
Will it be used to entertain?
Will it be used to prompt action (like calling a phone number or sending an email)?

Depending on your answer to the above questions, your choice in colours, messaging, and graphics will vary. However, there is one printed marketing material best practice that transcends any purpose you might have – that best practice is using clear, high-resolution graphics as part of your designing toolkit.

But why is this so important? After all, it’s possible to get the message across using subpar graphics. In fact, you might even save money by choosing printed material that isn’t as bold, crisp or high contrast as other materials, right? If you only have a set budget for your marketing campaign, shouldn’t you just make do with what works acceptably well versus spending more for something that isn’t necessarily proven to be worth the additional expense?

The Hard Truth of Print Marketing

The reality is that when you only have a few seconds to get attention with your printed materials, you need to appeal to the basic human instinct to detect what is different in any given environment. That means using the most eye-catching, captivating marketing materials you can produce.

This almost necessitates the use of clearly defined graphics. With enhanced imagery that makes use of bright colours and design concepts that grab attention, you can expect a lot more out of your printed marketing material investment. Some of the benefits of using clearer, higher-resolution graphics include:

– Improved brand awareness
– Better reception of your company message at trade shows, industry functions, and networking events
– Higher likelihood of recognition when customers are presented with your branding a second, third, fourth time, etc.

When you add up all of the benefits that are realised when using clearer graphics, there really is no good argument for the use of inferior graphics. There could be a cost savings factor involved in choosing poorer image quality, but what would be saved in upfront cost will be lost exponentially more so in terms of lost opportunities.

A lot of great business ideas don’t get their chance to truly prosper because there isn’t enough ‘oomph’ in their promotional material. If potential customers can’t easily find your printed marketing material in a sea of competitors, they’ll just end up spending their money somewhere else. Reduce the risk of losing market share, and invest in clear graphics and images when constructing your printed marketing campaign.

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