5 Ways to Use Display Signage

5 Ways to Use Display Signage

A crucial aspect of successful branding lies in the signage a business chooses to use. Signs are one of the first introductions to your business that a customer has, so a great first impression is vital in converting their interest into revenue. But, as more and more businesses compete for customer engagement, it seems that less attention is being paid to traditional signage options.

This is where your business can stay ahead of the game.

Traditional signage still has a hugely powerful impact on how customers interpret your business. Studies show that adding a sign directly improves sales revenue and as 85% of customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business, that’s a lot of local revenue! Given that over half of all customers who approach a business do so because of the sign outside, don’t you think it’s time that your business stepped up its sign game? Here are 5 ways that you can use display signs to help your business:

1. Trade shows

Standing out at a trade show can be super tricky. By using large, beautifully printed display signs you can set your business apart while targeting the right audience. Bright colours, large backdrops, and vertical banners are perfect for drawing the attention of the crowd and encouraging people to find out more about your brand.

2. Shop frontage

Undoubtedly the most important display of them all. The frontage of your business is what customers will use as a gauge of whether or not they want to buy a product or service from you. If your sign is tattered, out of date, faded, or unappealing, then you are potentially losing out on a lot of business. Invest in a well-designed, high definition sign to give your business the edge over its competitors.

3. Posters

Using the latest 3D and lenticular printing you can create amazing posters for your business that jump right off of the page and grab the attention of your customers.

4. Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers are essential for any business working in retail as they provide information about the product that grabs the customer’s attention and converts it into a sale. A great shelf talker can ultimately influence your customer’s purchase decision, so make sure you have good ones!

5. Wall banners

The external wall space of a building is another great place to advertise your business. Hang large banners to promote a special offer or event and ensure that your brand stands out.

Every local business should ensure that their display signage is fresh, attractive, and professional as this will help to generate more footfall and increase revenue.

To get display signs that take your business to the next level and keep it way ahead of the competition, contact Immij today to find out more about our quality sign printing services.