How Quality Packaging Builds Trust With Customers

How Quality Packaging Builds Trust With Customers

“Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” – Sonya Parker

In the world of business, making a good lasting impression on a consumer is a vital part of creating a successful enterprise. After all, it is the lasting impression that gives the consumer an indication of the quality of your company, which in turn helps to build trust. And we all know that trust is the key to repeat business!

When a product uses packaging that fosters a positive association with attributes such as authority and quality, consumers will naturally gravitate towards it. And once they have used the product once, behavioral science suggests that it is very likely that they will use it again.

Why is this?

Well, it turns out that packaging and design are crucial elements in the shopping experience because the colour, shape, design, logos, and branding of a product contribute to our sensory experience. When faced with an overabundance of choices, we instinctively select the one that we feel connected to, the one that embodies the brand’s core values and effectively conveys the product’s unique selling point.

This means that packaging plays a super important part in helping customers to feel that the purchases they have made are the right ones. When the packaging is of high-quality, it is a natural step for the consumer to believe that the contents are of high-quality also.

For example, consider the packaging used for Apple products. Apple successfully communicate the essence of the brand without even using words because their packaging is as clean, elegant, and beautiful as the contents of the box. Putting minimalism to great effect, the sensory experience of buying an Apple device leaves the consumer feeling as though they have purchased a quality product, which makes them much more likely to return to make further purchases and recommend the brand to others.

While some businesses may feel that customization of packaging for products is a costly enterprise, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Digital printing allows for easy and affordable production of custom labels and packaging which will directly impact on how consumers feel about that brand. This means that good packaging is not only an essential element in generating business, but also in sustaining it in the long run.

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