UV Printing: Attract Attention with Special Effects

Attract Attention with Special Effects

If you’ve ever wondered how to set your business apart from the rest or simply wanted to attract more attention for your brand, then perhaps it’s time to consider making your marketing materials shine.

Present the best side of your business in the most professional and attention-grabbing way possible by using UV printing and UV coating techniques for your materials.

UV Printing

Printing techniques have come a long way in the last few years. Where conventional printing used traditional solvent-based inks which dried naturally on the paper, releasing solvents into the air as the paper absorbed the ink, ultraviolet (UV) printing uses an entirely different process to achieve a pretty special result.

UV inks are dried with ultraviolet lights to ensure that 100% of the ink is used, which means much less ink is wasted than when using traditional techniques. The UV lights cure each layer of ink as it is sprayed onto the substrate, creating an instantly hard surface. This type of printing is perfect for use on any nonporous material, such as glass, plastic, or metal.

This means that high-definition, photo-realistic finishes are possible on anything from business cards to floor decals. Perfect for any kind of business!

UV Coating

The next stage in special effects printing is UV coating. This technique produces a super glossy, high-shine finish on printed paper surfaces using an ultraviolet light. Ideal for materials such as postcards, catalogues, or business cards, UV coating is great for making details stand out and can produce an almost wet-look appearance on deep colors such as blues and blacks.

UV coating is the perfect way to get your materials to stand out from the crowd and help customers to see the quality of your business as it creates a beautifully professional and highly durable finish.


It turns out that UV printing and UV coating not only generate more attention for your brand due to their eye-catching finishes, but they also have a whole host of other benefits, too!

• Faster, Because it dries instantly, UV printing takes far less time than traditional printing techniques, therefore improving delivery times.
• Environmentally friendly, no solvents to see here!
• High-resolution, as inks aren’t bleeding into the paper, the finish is of a much higher resolution.
• Durability, UV coating, in particular, gives a highly durable finish to materials.

So, next time you’re looking to attract attention to your brand, consider using UV printing and UV coating techniques for a vivid, high-impact finish. Our offices in Melbourne and Sydney would be happy to discuss the many options available with this type of printing, so give us a call today on 1300 794 139 to find out more.