The Importance of Packaging for Your Online Business

The Importance of Packaging for Your Online Business

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of any online business is the packaging that is included with every order. It’s easy to forget about the importance of packaging when there are so many other aspects of a business that take precedent: sales, accounting, customer service, planning, and much more. So, why is packaging so important, and why should you spend your time developing packaging for your online business?

Doing More through Product Packaging

It’s been shown that those online businesses that invest in top-tier product packaging end up getting and keeping more customers in the long run. They’ve learned why packaging is so important to their bottom line, and now, you can, too.

Reason #1: Being an online business, you’re limited in the ways you can interact with your customers. This means your product packaging carries more value for your brand.

Traditional retailers with brick-and-mortar business locations are able to enhance their value by providing excellent customer service in-person. Obviously, an online business can’t do this, so you have to rely on every other possible way to enhance the interactions you have with your customers. Product packaging is an excellent way to do this.

One thing is for sure: customers notice great packaging. It’s also common for many customers to reuse the packaging they receive from online sellers, which makes it even more important to choose sturdy, reliable packaging that holds up over time. More brand impressions through prolonged use of your packing results in better brand recognition. It’s a win/win!

Reason #2: Unboxing your product is an ‘experience’, and product packaging elevates it from boring to memorable.

Successful online businesses know the branding power that unboxing a shipped order has for their overall marketing strategy. In the ecommerce-driven, modern world of purchasing products online, the unboxing experience is something the customer looks forward to almost as much as the product itself.

Making the unboxing ritual a fun, engaging one will result in more repeat orders and higher average order totals.

Reason #3: Enhanced product packaging will increase your social media presence.

If there’s one thing that consumers love to do when they’ve received an online order, it’s share their purchase with their social media network. Granting this, you would be missing out if you didn’t package your product using trendy, eye-catching graphics and unique, smartly designed boxing materials.

The more of an investment you make in the product packaging you use, the more posts, likes, and shares will result. Before long, the word will get out that buying your products is a fun and engaging activity, all thanks to great product packaging.

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