Using Promotional Games and Merchandise in your Marketing

Using Promotional Games and Merchandise in your Marketing

Everyone loves a chance to win something.
Taking part in games gives a feeling of exhilaration. While the games you choose to play with your customers require careful planning, the correct strategy could help your brand to become more memorable and engaging too.

While most people assume that promotional games are something that they have to run online, through social media or their website, the truth is that you can have a lot of fun with offline games too. All you need is the right printing company to help you create everything from colourful scratch cards to competition wraps.

How Can You Use Promotional Games in Your Business?

If you’ve never considered the possibility of competitions, prize draws, and other promotional games as part of your marketing campaigns before, then now could be the time to start. As the marketplace grows more competitive, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for modern brands to capture the attention and loyalty of their target audience. Promotional games tied in with your merchandise give your customers another reason to remember you.

By adding a scratch card or cover wrap to your product, you combine the thrill of buying a new item, with the excitement of a possible win. Here at Immij, we offer exceptional printing solutions for people in search of:

• Scratch cards
• Lottery tickets
• Competition leaflets
• Direct mail competitions
• Cover wraps

How Do Promotional Games Help your Brand?

In a world where countless other companies are all trying to capture the attention of your target audience, promotional games are your chance to stand out from the crowd and do something different. With a scratch card, you offer your customer the potential for extra value from your product. In fact, you may find that more customers start buying your products just for a chance to play. Promotional games are more than just a way to drive sales, they also:

• Build community: People who take part in a competition also feel like they’re part of a company’s community. Anyone who takes part in your games will also be more likely to come back to your store in the future, recommend you to friends, and even follow you on social media.

• Incentivize extra purchases: You can easily turn one-off sales into repeat purchases when you add a game or competition into the mix. People see your promotional games as another source of value, which means that they’re getting more out of their money.

• Build awareness: People will share their game experiences with others, either through reviews, word of mouth marketing, or social media. Additionally, if someone ends up winning your game, you also have the potential to attract media from local newspapers and magazines.

Everyone wants to get the latest scoop on a big win.

• Increase engagement: Sometimes, the hardest thing for a business to do is keep customers interested. With so many distractions in the modern world, a game is a great way to remind your customers of what makes you special.

Here at Immij, we can help you bring your company to life with a range of promotional game services. Not only are we experts in printing scratch cards and leaflets, but we can also offer other unique services too, like 3D and lenticular printing. Check out your choices today! Contact us on 1300 794 139.