Best Lenticular & 3D Printing Centre: Immij

Best Lenticular & 3D Printing Centre: Immij

When it comes to creating stunning commercial materials, the right printing methods can help you to accomplish incredible things. With digital printing, you can produce fantastic high-quality images quickly, without blowing your budget. Through UV printing, you can display your designs on a range of different materials, from floors and plastic, to point of sale banners.

Lenticular & 3D printing is another powerful way to capture the attention of your audience and make your brand stand out in this competitive marketplace. Using a series of images interlaced into a single visual, 3D printing allows you to give depth and motion to your pictures. Whether you want to show a flower in the stages of growth, or simply catch your customer’s eye with a 3D picture, Immij can help.

What Effects Can You Get with 3D Printing?

If you’ve seen examples of lenticular printing before, you probably already know that there are different styles available. For instance, the most popular effect is the “flip” which simply switches your image from one to the next with a quick turn of the wrist, or when your customer moves from one space to another.

As the technology available for lenticular printing becomes more impressive, there are countless new ways for companies to engage their audience at the point of sale. You can even amaze your customers with morphing flips where one image literally transforms into another, and images that look as though they’ve been animated!

At Immij, we offer affordable Lenticular & 3D printing services using the latest technology. We can design everything you can think of, including:

• Brochures
• Shelf talkers
• Hanging signs
• Posters
• Postcards

How Is Lenticular Printing Evolving?

Several years ago, if a company wanted to make the most of moveable images for their brand materials, they would have to use much thicker lenses, which often meant that the images weren’t very appealing. Additionally, printers had to avoid using text on the lenticular image, because it would be difficult to read, or even reproduce accurately.

Now, thanks to the rise of new technology, there’s been a huge improvement in the visual clarity of lenticular & 3D printing designs, with much more accurate image sequences and thinner lenses that can fit better into almost any environment.

A Great Way to Stand Out

While lenticular & 3D printing might be slightly more expensive than your standard print, they’re a great way to make sure that your company really makes a lasting impression. In today’s competitive industry, where companies everywhere are struggling to differentiate themselves, a lenticular picture could earn you the attention you need from your target audience. Ready to make your printed materials jump off the page?

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