Product Packaging Trends of 2018

Product Packaging Trends of 2018

As manufacturing technology develops and new features and benefits are integrated into consumer packaging, it can be hard to stay on top of the current trends. Being a leader in the printing industry, Immij not only keeps up with the latest and greatest in packaging design – we help to set the trends themselves!

Without making investments in the machinery and equipment that produce the world’s greatest print product packaging, we’d still be using linen wraps and wax paper to package consumables. Instead, innovation and engineering has lead the way in revolutionising the quality and convenience that is afforded by today’s top packaging.

To demonstrate the advancement and exciting innovations that the packaging industry is experiencing, we’re diving into some of the most exciting packaging design trends for 2018.

A Common Theme In Print Packaging

The challenge for most packaging producers isn’t necessarily coming up with the next great advancement in packaging. It’s keeping up with the demand for quality fast.

To best serve the needs of packaging consumers and to respond with higher quality imagery on demand, we have filled our warehouse with only the industry best equipment. Also, we have invested in logistic, stock management and account management technology, that will allow our customers to have complete control over their printing needs.

Going Green in 2018

The features and benefits of going the ‘green way’ include:

  • Biodegradable and compostable products. By giving consumers the choice to compost their used packaging, you’re empowering them to do more to protect our environment. This added benefit will keep them coming back to do business with you because consumers like to feel good about the companies they patronise.
  • Use of natural chemicals instead of harsh additives like bleach. The environmentally friendly alternative to packaging includes a more natural product that consumers can feel good about using.
  • Better company image. Like it or not, customers are going to judge you based on the materials you use in the packaging that houses your product. That especially goes for food packaging. When you use ‘green’ packaging materials, your consumer will thank you for it with ongoing, repeat business.

Immij your Print Packaging Partner

Here at Immij, our print packaging product quality and attention to detail is second-to-none, and because we have complete control over the entire design, print, storage and logistic process we can provide you with high-quality packaging solutions that deliver on consistency.

From basic, traditional products to more sophisticated packaging solutions that wow customers, Immij can work with you to achieve success. Bring your packaging challenge to us, and we’ll mobilise our team of design and manufacturing professionals to develop a comprehensive solution that is within budget and easy to execute.

To inquire about how you can start putting the power of better packaging to work for your organization, contact immij directly on 1300 794 139 or jump onto our live chat feature (bottom right-hand side of this page) and send us a message.

Our team is standing by ready to learn about your individual needs, so that we can provide the most suitable print packaging solution available. There’s never been a better time to explore the universe of packaging products available to you from the premier provider of food packaging!