Top 5 Tips for Designing a Leaflet

Top 5 Tips for Designing a Leaflet

If you’re tasked with creating a business leaflet for your organisation, you might find yourself wondering where to start. Or, you might have some experience with leaflet design, but perhaps it’s been a while and your design skills may need a bit of touching up. Regardless of what sort of business you’re in or the kind of target readers you’re addressing, there are some uniform best practices to keep in mind as you go about your design.

Having helped thousands of clients meet their print marketing needs, Immij is uniquely qualified in the field of smart design for business audiences. We’ve seen a lot of fads come and go, but these top five tips remain as ageless advice for graphic designers of all stripes:

Tip #1: Determine the goal of the leaflet itself. Ask yourself the question: “What is the purpose this material is going to serve?” Will it be used to simply inform a reader, or will it be used to try to elicit an action, like calling a phone number or sending an email? Having the end in mind when designing your business leaflet will ensure that the final product does what you intend it to.

Tip #2: Use a heavy amount of white space. Designing leaflets that are meant for a business audience is much different from designing leaflets for all audiences. This means that you’re going to want to take advantage of as much white space as you can, while still keeping the information density within the leaflet appropriate for what is being discussed.

Tip #3: Choose a fitting colour palette and stick with it. To keep consistent with the branding that exists elsewhere on your website, logo, or other company information, choose a colour palette that can be easily integrated into the various graphics throughout the leaflet. Try to keep the colour count between three and five, and steer clear of drab tones like olive, brown, or maroon.

Tip #4: Use graphical elements to separate ideas. It’s difficult for some readers to interpret the words they’re reading if they’re packed into a large wall of text. Try to use interesting graphical elements as part of your design, to help segment the key ideas contained within it.

Tip #5: If you need guidance or help, ask for it! If you think you could benefit from the expertise. Ask for help. Here at Immij, we have a graphic design team that are able to help you create smart, eye catching designs.

With diligence, creativity, and the use of these five top tips, you’ll be on your way to creating an impactful, well-designed business leaflet that conveys your message crisply and effectively.

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